Private Health Care Advocates work directly for the clients  who hire them.

Advocate Fees & Costs 

What will a private, independent health care advocate charge you for services?

When you request help from an independent, professional advocate, you should expect the advocate to charge you for the services he or she performs on your behalf.  Health insurance does not ordinarily cover the cost of health care advocate fees, although some employers may assist with payment.

The cost will depend on the advocacy services that is performed.

This type of advocacy requires knowledge of the healthcare system, and a medical background. 
Advocates who provide medical assistance can provide the following services:

• Initial assessment (to get to know you the client  and to determine the scope of work and services needed)
•Help review diagnoses, 
•Treatment options, 
•Medical records and test reports,
 Accompany a patient to appointments
•Monitor the patient at the bedside in a hospital 
•Help with after hospital care and all disease management  diabetes hypertension, sickle cell etc 
•Provide multiple plans to include referrals to the right fitness instructors for you 
• Provide healthy eating plans and meals provided  by a specialized group of  diet and nutrition professionals including the Use of a planned tailored meals for you 

Comprehensive Health Literacy is the mission behind JA Smith Consulting And Nursing Services
Make the choice today to use a Healthcare Advocate. 

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