My Interview On True2Soul Radio With Keda Edwards Pierre - Executive Producer

Hey, it's your girl JA Nursing here,  It has been an incredible journey.  Several months ago I received a call from Keda Edwards Pierre, Executive Producer, Creative Director, and Host of True2Soul Radio Network.  She explained that her show has Real Talk, Real People, Personal Journeys, and Professional Advice. #True2Soul is about Powerful Living and how we make it happen! 

Keda,  introduced herself as a woman destined to create change. I thought to myself great minds think alike. I asked very little about her because I felt her passion in the same manner that she felt my passion. She said that she wanted to invite me to be a guest on her talk show. Which of course I said yes.  Through my research, her page read  Welcome to the “Being Keda” Show!  Pull up a chair and join Keda Edwards Pierre – as she discusses life as a mother, police officer, holistic health consultant, and transition coach. Tune in to hear guest experts offer tips, juicy discussion, valuable information, and interesting stories – it’s all here!  I am pleased to introduce you her network

True2Soul Radio Network – The Being Keda Show  After a couple conversations I learned that this incredible woman was very passionate, not to mention, that personally I have never had many conversations with the Police much less a female black  Officer. This information I learned after the interview.  I remember jokingly saying "Girl If I had known you where PO PO maybe I would not have done the interview" LOL. But through her authentic self she is much more than her profession. In the same manner, that when I tell people that I am a Nurse; I often hear stories about the failures that people have encountered in our healthcare system.  The reason why I felt inclined to post this is because I truly believe that our community has many great people that represent their authentic self, not a profession. They always say one bad apple spoils it for the bunch. 

Keda believes in this simple formula as do I 

Powerful Success = True2Soul®

(Energy + Action). The level of your success and power is directly proportional to
1) The ENERGY you invest;

2) The TYPE OF ACTION you choose;

3) Multiplied by how much of your SELF you bring to the table!

In short, the key to your power and success …the most influential part of the formula – is YOU.

As your advocate, it is also important to introduce individuals to our community that embrace  what I believe in and  who are precise in understanding the key to wellness.  Keda Edwards Pierre is a Vitality Expert, Intuitive Coach, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher, and Spiritual Healer.  Keda has lived the tenets of holistic health over the last two decades.  During this time she began to discern what holistic practices best suited her needs and the needs of those she cared about.  Her vibrant passion for holistic health was stoked by a lack of access to holistic health services amongst friends, family, and community.  She believes strongly that knowledge and services which support life balance and long-term health strategies should be available and attainable - regardless of age, gender, location, status, etc. Each healing service or product at Verani is referred to as a Key to Well Being. The Verani Keys cater to you as a Whole Being that is fully capable of returning to vibrant health.  We simply act as facilitators and companions on your journey.  We are professionally trained and well-experienced to be able to provide to you tools, techniques, and long-term strategies as you strive for balance and health.  Visit  Keys to Well Being Page to learn more.  I am pleased to  have met  this incredible woman but also to be a part of what her team stands for.

Thank you Keda, for having me on your Show,  This is a much-needed platform  I love the  message on your voicemail that states Remember to be True 2 You!

"From Hardship to Entrepreneurship - THIS is How We Do It!" Latest episode on True2Soul Radio (Click here to listen:…/being-keda-show-episode-16-from-…) It is often said that we cannot have resiliency and success without hardship. Whether or not you agree with this – Michelle Smith shares how her hardships and life lessons brought her precisely to where she wants to be today. Join Keda as she chats with Special Guest: Michelle Smith (Registered Practical Nurse, Business Owner, Community Advocate, Mother, and Educator).

This episode begs the questions: "Who believes in you?" and "How powerfully do you believe in yourself?" Michelle talks about who and what pulled and pushed her through as she weathered her storms. She shares how she uses community advocacy and her successful business to support and educate others. Tune in for some interesting information and stories as Michelle shares her passion, insight, and knowledge with you. Find out more about Michelle Smith at

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True2Soul Radio Network – The Being Keda Show
Keda Edwards Pierre - Executive Producer, Creative Director, and Host | Masaaba Mwambu - Sound and Technical Engineer and Sound Editor | Music Written, Composed & Performed by Y'n'Amai

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