Find Out Why You Should Attend the THE TORONTO WOMENS EXPO JAN 19 2016


    2016 is a time to shine,  I  am so excited to share with you  an Amazing event.  Social Advocacy keeps you, up to date with whats going on around town.  Why wouldn't I,  want to share with you,  the opportunity to meet hundreds of  new people, vendors, suppliers, new clients, Authors, international Speakers and join venture partners?  On January 19  2016,  The Toronto's Women's Expo presents   a Life Changing Event geared to Empower  Women to succeed.
    And yes men are welcome too....
    The event will take place at Paradise Banquet Hall, Tues. Jan. 19, 2015 from 9am - 7pm for vendors and 9am - 5pm for coaches corner experts.
    The conference part of the event will run until midnight!


    As a 3rd year  attendee, I know that valuable relationships, connections, referrals and new business are created when you attend the TWExpo. Let me not forget to mention that, purchasing lunch includes a Yummy Wrap with sides, free parking, an All Day Access Pass worth $297, free coffee & tea all day, free access to all the international speakers and workshops, free sessions with Coaches Corner & 1000s in bonuses with some of the Top Authors and Speakers in the Industry!   If your in it to win it  for 2016  Purchase your VIP lunch for Only $20 NOW!   PURCHASE YOUR LUNCH NOW!

    Whether you are in transition, looking for an opportunity, in the start up phase or well established in your business, the TWExpo is the place to be!   wait there's  more to this great story by clicking here  YOU CAN  REGISTER FOR A  COMPLIMENTARY TICKET FROM ME TO YOU

    Network, Learn, Generate Leads, Meet with an Expert One on One, Grow Your Business 10X

    If you are interested in being a vendor at this incredible show, please click the link below.
    Click here to apply to be a vendor, It is  A PERFECT WAY FOR YOU TO MEET HUNDREDS OF POTENTIAL BUYERS & SELLERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS  be a  Vendor  

    (One vendor per company, multiple per industry. Full disclosure is a must with the pro
    ducts you will sell at the event.)

    Trade Show Open to the Public
    Darin Adams
    Lunch Time, Networking, VIP
    Trade Show Open
    Pasha Carter
    Trade Show Open to Public
    Byron Nelson
    Dinner Break, Trade Show Open
    Trade Show Closes
    Byron Nelson on for the evening

    How do you make your business grow? Besides serving others, you need;
    - EXPOSURE to people
    - to build relationships that result in referrals
    - build your list of engaged people who are already interested in what you
    have to offer!

    There are multiple ways to participate;
    - Come as an attendee
    - Book a complimentary coaches corner session with one of our experts
    - Shmooz the trade show (schedule can be found below)
    - Be a vendor or coaches corner expert (inquire at info (at)


    Click here to apply to be a coaches corner expert 
    (Coaches Corner is for anyone who would benefit from having one on one meetings with people to determine how you can help them with any challenges or issues they are having, not just coaches :))

    Before you leave I forgot to ask you if you, if you  like Bonuses?  Well The Toronto Women's  Expo Will have thousands of dollars in FREE bonuses when you sign up for lunch  CLICK----->LUNCH

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