Hey it's your Girl JA Nursing here, I am super excited to share  this event with you. I remember being a young Mother and getting the eviction notice on my door on several occasions.  Two young child and a fixed income from welfare homelessness became my fear month to month.   I believe that every youth deserves that chance,  I believe that every youth has a special purpose and for that reason I admire the efforts of Heros in Black founder Matte Black.
  We Are The Heroes We've Been Waiting For ~  these are some strong words and I am proud to be apart of this journey

While we rebuild these youth, we also enroll them in class’ called “Hero Training” that empowers and teaches them how to be there own boss in a verity of freelance work such as photography, dance, music, etc

In 2014, Heroes In Black alongside Hero Certified Burgers launched an initiative called “Hunger Heroes” to feed and clothe people in need which has only gotten bigger and bigger each month. Since then they’ve fed and clothed over 1200 + people in need across the downtown core of Toronto, Canada while collecting a staggering 7 tons of clothing donations from their supporters for local youth shelters. For those of you who don't know what a "Hunger Heroes" event is like, a huge group of Torontonians gather at Hero Certified Burger locations and separate into groups throughout all of downtown to feed and clothe people in need with burgers and clothing donations. 

We have this event once every month and its open to the public of all ages and only requires a $10 donation at the door to be apart of it. 

Making Dreams Come True For Homeless & At-Risk Youth

Do you have a dream? Would you like to some day own your own business? How about your heart? Is it bruised and battered? Then join us at Hero Training while Motivational Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Nurses take us on a journey to unleash the Hero within and create the life we've always dreamed of. See you all there! #HeroTraining #UnleashTheHeroWithin

If you have been looking for a good way to give back first-hand then this is the event for you. Join us Toronto in the fight against hunger! #CallingAllHeroes

Please feel free to invite all your friends and family. If you have any clothing or furniture donations or have any questions please contact us: 

*Admission: Whatever you can afford.*

*This event is for all ages.*

*Rsvp here for a free Hero Certified Burger during the show.*

*Free haircut vouchers for youth 16-25 provided by Onyx Barbers.*

Judy Machado-Duque - Author, Life Purpose Playbook.

Michelle Armstrong - Best selling author, Motivational Speaker.

Victoria Chapman - Founder of Authentic Vibrations, Activist, Life coach.

Michelle Smith, Health & Social Advocate, RPN
Founder Of JA Nursing, We Care Inc, JA Smith Consulting & Nursing Services.

Matte Black - Founder of Heroes In Black, Activist.

Special thank you to Hero Certified Burgers and all of our amazing sponsors:  C3 Church 
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DON'T FORGET TO HIT GOING  https://www.facebook.com/events/1648250208781863/

#TorontoBorn #CanadaBound #WorldChangeInTheMaking

Heroes In Black has many volunteer opportunities and does a lot more for the community then you may be aware of, for more information please visit our website: www.heroesinblack.ca
Video: Heroes in Black give homeless youth hope
CityNews reporter Avery Haines spoke to Matte Black, who was once homeless himself and now strives to inject homeless youth with a sense of hope for the future.

"We are the ones who refused to wait for Heroes to come save us and just became
 Together we will rebuild the ruins of homeless and at-risk youth."

~ We are Heroes In Black and you are welcome to Join Us~


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