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JANUARY 16 2015 

Hey  Good Evening Happy New Years
To you all.

So let me start off by saying Hey  It's Your Girl JA Nursing! So it's the New Year, 2015  I Guess your wondering whats in store with you and Me for 2015?

Like a Chinese Calender I have decided to to call  it the Year of KNOWLEDGE 2015

Let me  start it off  by saying Thank You Thank You for finding the time to come on my Page. I'm glad we have spent this time together. I am your Health and Social Advocate.

What does that mean for us this year? My Smarties

Well you will get the opportunity to interact more with me #BOOYAH

You will be along for the journey too of JA Nursing In the Streets. I think I'll call you all  My Smarties.
What do you think about that ? You like that title?  I believe that anyone who takes the time out to visit my blog or any of my media outlets is definitely trying to be a Smartie. The goal here is to  Give you all the knowledge which in turn will give you all the power to deal with various different issues.
Not only that but  information sharing is what makes a community stronger. So Yah or Nah to me starting my blogs,videos, with hey My SMARTIES it's your girl JA Nursing. This blog is meant to be an Urban  Platform for all  to read. The goal is to have all generations learn in a language that is understandable.

By the way I  hope by now  you have gathered  that laughter and music is my Therapy it calms me through the storms, and I hope you will  rely on my blogs and any other of my social media platforms to smile  through your  difficult times. As promised at the start of this journey I include and encourage all of you all over the world  to Begin  to learn more about your health and how to be in charge.


Whats on the agenda for tonight?  my blog will include the links to that  what my night is all about  if you have Twitter   start to follow  @hnmchat  #HNMCHAT  to learn more about being empathetic  and  I  follow @hcldr for learning more in Health Care leadership #HCLDR 

And that's my Tuesday Night. 

Best Regards
Michelle Smith
J.A. Smith Consulting & Nursing Services
Advocacy is The Heart And Soul Of Nursing

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