To Vote Or Not To Vote ?


Hi it's your Girl JA Nursing October 27 History in the making again! 

They say that In order to build your NetWorth you have to build your Network. As a new comer to First Fridays Warren Salmon​​  holds an amazing event that truly brings together individuals of same interest. This months (October) First Friday gave a platform for our up coming potential leaders to give their voice and highlight how our city will be impacted if we vote for them. As an Social Advocate you should know that the goal is to change outcomes for our community. I am a parent, resident, tax payer, well wisher, urban lover, and lastly  I am a concerned Canadian Citizen which gives me the right to #vote October 27 #Aim2vote . 
With so many platforms being discussed I applaud all that have made a commitment to changing outcomes with in our community. 

To all the candidates 
Good Luck  

There are 24 Councillors plus the Chair appointed to Peel Region's Council:

Regional Chair: Emil Kolb 
Caledon, 5 Councillors
Brampton, 7 Councillors
Mississauga, 12 Councillors


Toronto City Council consists of the Mayor and 44 City Councillors, one representing each of the city's wards. We have TDSB Trustees.

​ City of Durham council is Comprised of seven members, three members are elected from specific wards, three are at-large members and the Mayor. 

Find who and where to Vote give yourself a voice For Change get your last minute information about the canidates.

For more information about our Candidates  I urge you to give yourself a voice with knowledge


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