I'm Going To College?

Knowing The Rules Of School Part 2

All  children and youths have the best opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.

Let's go back to 1994, the year I was going into George Brown College for the Pre Health program the cource that would give me entry into the RN Diploma program at George Brown College; King Street campus, and give me hope of a better future. How did I know that at 17 years old what I wanted to do? Well I didn't back then my family had many health care workers, so it only made since that I would follow the trend. Going into College was quite a challenge especially starting with a 5 month old baby. Was there College fairs back then? Good question,  I really don't remember but it didn't matter because it was set I was going to be a Nurse. 14 years latter I've seen many careers evolve, so many options, so many titles but the question is how do we prepare this generation of students for the next journey of life. 

I think that the cost of school still remains  a challenge and for this reason it's important to let our youths get enough information so that each student can make a decision that will best lead them to have successful future.

 I guess when I was going to school no one explained that your career ideally has to last until you are 65 years old. Not true you are capable of whatever you want but let the truth be told your passion for something will fuel your choice.  Luckily for me I made the right choice, however lets keep in mind that  I was not familar with many other career choices. 

Here's a chance to take a Quiz  find out what your career options http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/postsecondary/careerplanning/program/wizard.html

Going into the Nursing program right out of high school  was tuff I failed a couple times, failing in College or University equals money lost. For students thinking about Post Secondary education the big question  will always exists how am I going to pay?

I would challenge students to work and sacrifice to go to school. Find as many grant programs as you can take advantage of  tuition reduction programs. 

30% Off Ontario Tuition http://www.ontario.ca/education-and-training/30-off-ontario-tuition.

The opportunities are endless for our students to succeed, but parents theses opportunities are fostered through knowing your options. 

Parents knowledge about the  school curriculum is just as important. We all know that each  parent would love to know that their little Suzzy or Johhnny will be a Doctor or a Lawyer but  we have to help prepare then for greatness. Learn about the courses your child is taking. If you live in Toronto 

If you live in peel 
Get familiar with PDSB website to help you find the answer http://www.peelschools.org/english/highschool/pathways/Pages/default.aspx

Parents get familiar with your area School board. let's bring the success rates back up by being parents that are fully aware and engaged.   Learning starts from birth we have to be the facilitator of growth.

They say with the times things change and this is a true point. 
In 1994  the RN program was a 3 year Diploma program in college. Today it is a collaborative 4 year program and  every one receives a Degree. So it's our responsibility to keep up with the  "Jones" when it comes to learning about the options that our children have regarding  education and career choices. 

Always remember don't  be discouraged if your Johnny or Suzy is having difficulty,  learn to be your child's  advocate, if your child is in middle school  grade 6-8 be aware of how your child is doing, these years will be the true foundation to High School and the direction that your child will be guided  to take. Always focus on understanding how your Suzy or Johnny learns.
For thoses reading this blog the intention is to increase the social literacy for all.

Currently the stats show a  40% drop out rate in High School. 

On  October 20 and October 21 they will be holding College fairs in Toronto.  In order To motivate our youths they have to get a taste of future success 
Monday, October 20 -- 5:00-9:00pm
Tuesday, October 21 -- 10:00am-3:00pm
Free Admission!
Its a great plan 5 weeks of helping our young people get better awareness of what Post Secondary School has to offer http://www.ocas.ca/documents/cip-schedule-eng.pdf

Everything you need to know in one day, under one roof! 

You will get the opportunity to Meet reps from all Ontario Colleges at the largest College information event in Ontario — over 11,000 attendees in 2013! 
Meet faculty, staff and other students and learn more about why college is the right choice for you.
Attend Information Sessions to learn more about individual colleges, college degrees, how to pay for college, etc.

Here's your Top Five Reasons to Attend OCIF

1)Learn about careers available and which college programs will best prepare you for those careers

2)Find out about unique programs that can only be offered at Ontario colleges
Get more information on how and when to apply

3)Hear about campus life, housing, and student services

4)Find out how to pay for college

5)Food Vendors on site at OCIF

There will be food vendors in Hall 

Knowledge is Power
Our young people hold the key to our future success and prosperity. They all deserve the best opportunity to realize their full potential and become active and productive members of their communities.

If you are a adult and require career Guidance or Resume writing and job search help please Contact .

This is been your Social Buzz 
With JA Nursing your Health And Social Advocate. 

For more information or questions Contact 416-567-7556


Michelle  Smith George Brown College Alumni Nursing Program


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