Hey, it's your girl JA Nursing here,  On the search for more information to share with you I came across an article from the Vancouver Sun, Well, of course, I knew that we have been behind the times on advocacy. This article confirms this. As your Health Care advocate my goal has been to continue to give readers the information needed to make informed decisions about there health.  My  first in counter with the why's of our health care system occurred in 2002 when I lost my Sister to Cancer, she was only 36 with 6 children,  In 2002 I graduated and started my career as a Nurse.  Her death evoked so many questions in my mind that I continued my career on a serious search for answers. Now here we are in  2016, I  am the founder of an organization that focuses on Health Care Advocacy.  My continuous concerns for the health care  outcomes of individuals has increased especially  for individuals that have what we would call Social determinants of health. This concern  caused  me to be the founder JA Nursing We Care Inc.  a NonProfit organization with the mission to help increase the health literacy of individuals especially if they can not pay for my services offered by my Business JA Smith Consulting And Nursing Services.   I have always felt that if individuals had Health Care Advocates not only as a addition to helping out when sick but to work with them prior it would definitely be a asset to our congested health care system. But who am I kidding, That means that individuals would have to realize that  they are at risk for health challenges despite their active efforts to hire a fitness trainer or start a new diet routine. Well it, looks like our friends over in Vancouver have gotten the picture regarding the benefits of having a Patient Navigator. Let me clear up some terminology,  The names for this work may vary (patient advocate, navigator, health care advocate or consultant, medical advocate) but the basic idea is the same. We work with patients and families to help them at many points along the health care continuum: disease research, insurance problems, finding doctors, understanding treatment and care options, accompanying them to visits, serving as coach and quarterback of their health care team, working with family members and caregivers, mobilizing resources, managing medical paperwork and almost anything else you can think of.  My one world of advice, is to follow theses 5 questions when you are seeking to hire a Health Advocate such as myself.  5 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU HIRE A ADVOCATE  

Patient Navigators: the greatest service in health care you've never heard of – until now  read a article  from the Vancouver Sun. The concept of private patient advocacy has taken on a life of its own. More people are learning that they can hire an advocate or navigator to help them with their medical problems, to overcome obstacles in the healthcare system or to find resources in the same way that people now seek out personal trainers, life coaches, financial advisors or other “guides” whose expertise can help them solve problems and avoid pitfalls."I sized it up as the greatest innovation nobody has heard of" said 

Pamela FayermanVerified account


Canadian journalist cover


 Fayerman, Vancouver Sun
for the past couple years my focus has been keeping up with our western counterparts, who have already figured  out the solution to our health care system equally known as The Maze.

In an article written by Pamela Ravermon  it stated that We constantly hear — and witness — a lot about what's WRONG with our health care system. But there ARE people working in health care who are forging ahead with changes like patient navigation that are making a difference to the patient experience. READ MORE ABOUT THIS SERIES

Benefits of Patient Navigation

What the Evidence Shows:

For patients

  • Better understanding of their disease and treatment plans.

  • Improved emotional and practical support.

  • Better able to cope (emotionally, psychologically, physically) with disease.

  • Improved diagnostic, surgical and other treatment waiting times.

  • Increased compliance with treatment plan.

  • Better preparation for medical appointments.

  • Increased satisfaction with care.

  • Potential improvement in treatment results.
  • For navigators and health care providers:

  • Rewarding work.

  • Improved collaboration and communication with others on the health care team.

  • Seeing health care from the perspective of patients.

  • Spotting problems and gaps in the health care system and then fixing them.
  • For health care system:

  • More coordination between health providers, hospitals and clinics.

  • Less duplication of tests.

  • Lower hospitalization rates.

  • Potential cost savings through improved patient care and results.

  • Retention of health care professionals because of job satisfaction.

  • Higher levels of patient satisfaction.
  • Thank You, to our friends over at the  Vancouver Sun for looking into this topic. Health care advocacy should be more in the forefront
    The benefits to patients, health care providers and the health care system

    Imagine struggling with an  aging parent’s changing needs?  Could you use a navigator to help you find caregiver solutions?  One of the primary issues facing our community today. I believe that my coordination services are designed to help individuals and families manage care and communication needs. Working with a navigator will help you master the learning curve, find solutions and become your own best advocate.  
    Our friends In Vancouver have gotten the memo

    Are you Ready to get started? Contact us for a complimentary, 10-minute consultation.

    This has been watching out for your health with  Michelle Smith your Health and Social Advocate.

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