You Are Invited to Attend A Day Of Rebonding with the community December 12 2015

Hi Its you r Girl JA Nursing also known as Michelle Smith  your Health and Social literacy Advocate.
I am pleased to invite  you  to a day of re-bonding  with the community,  with this will needed  event  as JA Nursing We Care Inc.  in association with Luis Majicano c/o TCHC  Presents:

You Are  A Parent ~ But Are You A Role Model?
                                                             TIME: 10AM TO 4 PM

The Mission is Parenting through Advocacy – a community initiative to define the concept of the Family Unit
This conference is  geared to bring back-to-basics parenting in Toronto Community Housing Communities (pilot Jane and Finch). In doing so, the conference is not aimed at criticizing parenting skills, but to open up a forum whereby the parents can share their experiences and knowledge to form strategies and standards for themselves and their peers.
The panel will consist of community leaders,  partners  and parents. We will use this day to re-bond with the community. We will have break out sessions for meals, questions, round table discussions  and more........
This day will be used  to create a dialogue among parents in the Jane and Finch community that will allow parents to learn from each other, create clear standards for their households and communities, and to improve the relationship and communication between parents and youths and community organizations.

Parents your voice matters this is why this event has been planned just for you. Lets dispel the myths about Parents in various communities

Thank in advance  to the organizations that have agreed to participate  We look forward to seeing you!

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