Jamaica No Problem

Standard Fry BreadFruit Banana Boil Plantain of course Ackee with Red Herring 👀

So the challenge this week will be to shrink your portion sizes, With being on vacation I realized some choices that I had to make in order to not burst my jean waist when I come back. Valuable point to remember that vacation clothes sometimes have no limits meaning you kick off the jeans and jump in to summer dress bathing suits and cover ups. But this year I did it different. Through my cities travels I had to ask do you have salad? As well tell them to give less rice and peas  or grounds food, also know as  yam banana, dumpling all boil plantain. I made sure to walk out the beach and swim. Yes of course JB and boom was on the menu  so I equally made sure to drink my water.   
So the moral of the story is as the summer wines down and we will be back into comfort food mode and thick clothing 
Shrink your portions 
Eating smaller portions is a simple way to watch your waistline. Most people still feel their hunger is satisfied with a smaller amount of food. Here are some smart solutions to common portion control challenges. 

Challenge #1 
You want to order something that you don’t make at home. The problem? A single portion is so big, it could be served on a platter.
What you can do: Enjoy the taste but keep huge portions in check.
Enjoy half of your meal now and take the other half home for another meal. You won’t waste any food, and leftovers make a great lunch! By the way when I return from vacation I normally consider it my New Year. It's close to my birthday and I think to myself why wait until January to make resolutions. Nope I consider the next few weeks to be renovation time. Using my eyes to see the changes that need to be. 


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