IfTheyGunnedMeDown Justice for Mike

Hi I'm back, well as I arrived back on Monday from sunny Jamaica some news became apparent Mike Brown and young youth gunned down by police.
This injustice, has sparked two days of protests, rallies, riots, and looting, including the burning of a QuikTrip convenience store. Tensions remain high in Ferguson.

This story certainly bothered me, I did not get a chance to post anything or truly reflect on this tragedy, the question is so unfortunate but it's nothing new for the states not to mention a trend developing in Toronto. 
Our police are out of control right across the country.  Remember  18 year old Sammy Yatim, who  was the sole passenger on a Toronto bus.

He apparently was holding a Swiss Army knife that he did not drop after repeated demands but what followed was yet another unjustified murder by our police.

The cops shot him 9 times, then if you can believe it they boarded the bus and tasered the now dead young man.

I keep thinking about all the youths that I have started working with including my own son who is 14 and I think which  child will be next. 
People under suspicion just because of their skin color. Is that truly the issue? 

“What do you expect when something is steadily occurring and its hurting the community and nobody is speaking out or doing anything about it?” said Johnson, who was walking with Brown when he was killed, in an exclusive interview on MSNBC. “I feel their anger, I feel their disgust.”

Mike Brown  and his senseless death has started protest  world  wide, he was a youth that deserved a chance, a good student. He has sparked a twitter frenzy of support  like tweets from @HenaZuberi: How many mothers right here in US feel scared sending their boys out on the street #IfTheyGunnedMeDown #MikeBrown 

@YYZtheRapper: #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Which pic would they use? Stay informed. Racism and inequality are as prevalent as ever. http://t.co/I5zhGzOjpc

These are huge reflections of how many would like to portray individuals in order to get a better response from the public.  

Additionally to this sour news,It became public knowledge that a well known actor  Robin Williams had committed suicide. Why have I added this  statement to this blog? Well I became truly upset that so many people started comparing incidences. I read many different comment like "why are we going on and on about a white man that didn't know himself" "what about the black boy who got his life taken who wanted life?" 

Now both issues are very different. 
Smh my next blog will tackle this point harshly, knowledge is the key to ending ignorance. 
So I'll take this time to say RiP  Mike Brown  and RIP Robin Williams both lives are equally important. 
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