Smoothies make my world go round

My goal as a healthcare advocate is to find and share let's make things easier and take the wonder out of nutrition join me on this challenge brought to Me by @simplegreensmoothies 

Zingy Green Glow |  Serves 1 

The addition of ginger in this smoothie gives it a zingy taste and an anti-inflammatory hit. Ginger also helps to improve circulation, and brings warmth to the digestion.


1 ½ cups fresh kale

¾ cup coconut water

½ cucumber (yields half a cup), peeled

1 green apple, cored

½ cup pineapple, frozen 

¼ avocado

½-inch ginger root 


Blend kale, cucumber and coconut water together until smooth. 

Add remaining ingredients and blend again. 

bossSmoothie happy blending

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