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This post spoke volumes to me, growing up HIV was the big ticket illness that everyone feared. Most people felt sick when it seemed like the condom broke after sex. Walking with the look of "death" on their face pardon my expression. 35 million people living with HIV, wow what a number. Quesion of the day how many people are living with cancer? Billions of dollars has gone into HIV research, according to the Aids institute earliest case noted 1959 in Congo, documented existence in the USA in the mid- late 1970's. In 1999 researchers started their mission. So I guess with the expected answers to be accomplished it will have taken over 31 years; to conclude that prevention will be most noted by reducing risky sexual behaviours. Of course let's not forget investing into the numerous amount of fancy condoms on the market and chosing cleaner methods for needle drug users. I guess at least now when the condom breaks with all the pharmaceutical drugs out their one can ease their mind knowing that we have 35 million people living with HIV. Hmm weird though. So my question is how many more billions of dollars have to be spent over what time line in years for researchers to help the public figure out when a answer and cure will exist for what can be dubbed the disease that's worser than HIV. Currently we have a lot of organizations striving off of the desperation of many who keep searching for answers as to why they had to lose their love one to cancer. I am one of those desperate millions wondering if and who may be Next in my family to be effected. For now and until the answer becomes more transparent I will continue to share information with you. Work with you to establish ways to minimize risk through clean eating, fitness and of cource teach yiu the tools needed to be more knowledgeable about taking care of your health through giving you the answers needed to take charge of your healthcare. Stay connected I'm your health care advocate. 
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