Toronto gun violence must be addressed by entire city!

As a parent and a Nurse, my heart goes out to the family of Candice Rochelle Bobb who was remembered by childhood friend as a loving mom.
The 35-year-old left three children behind, including a premature baby delivered by emergency C-section on the night of the shooting
.    Baby in stable condition after pregnant woman shot dead in Etobicoke read every headline as Candice Rochelle Bobb, 35, was sitting in the back of a car when she was shot. She never got to meet her baby, who was delivered four months early by emergency caesarean section.

 A comment on CBC  website stated   "If the Black Lives Matter group is truly concerned about reducing gun violence and the murder rate in their community, they should consider forming a "Neighbourhood Watch" type of organization. If they would expend as much energy trying to protect each other from violence within their community as they do condemning the police, they could put a major dent in their community's violent crime rate almost overnight."   What are your thought about the black live matters movement. Does black on black count ?

There's no doubt that someone has the information,' chief says after woman gunned down in car

None of the people in the vehicle were known to police, Det.-Sgt. Mike Carbone said.
With carding still on the table as a past attendee and mentor at KNOW Your Rights, 2014 representing the Police Force was our past Chief Of Police Bill Blair. He stated that in the absence of crime officers are not allowed to stop individuals. So let's take this as a noted right of all individuals in Toronto.
While one Mother mourns her child there is another Mother suspecting or not suspecting that they have a child that will be facing Murder charges when caught.

 As cited by CBC News 

There is story behind every gun shot fired - are we ready to listen to the full story? Because that is where you will find the solution to gun violence.

My Question is WHO  do you think  is to blame  The parents of these youths? The community? The Police?  do you think that the parents of violent offenders should be put on trail  too ? Based on this letter below... What is your thoughts?  

The last wish
A death row inmate awaiting execution, asked as a last wish a pencil and paper. After writing for several minutes, the convict called the prison guard and asked that this letter be handed over to his biological mother.
The letter said ...
Mother, if there were more justice in this world, we would be both executed and not just me. You're as guilty as I am for the life I led.
Remind yourself when I stole and bring home the bicycle of a boy like me?
You helped me to hide the bicycle for my father did not see it. Do you remember the time I stole money from the neighbor's wallet?
You went with me to the mall to spend it.
Do you remember when I argued with my father and he's gone?
He just wanted to correct me because I stole the final result of the competition and for that I had been expelled.
Mom, I was just a child, shortly after I became a troubled teenager and now I'm a pretty malformed man.
Mom, I was just a child in need of correction, and not an approval. But I forgive you!
I just want this letter to reach the greatest number of parents in the world, so they can know what makes all people, good or bad ...is education.
Thank you mother for giving me life and also helping me to lose it.
Your child offender.
"He who spares the rod hates his son,
But he who loves him disciplines him promptly "(Proverbs 13: 24).
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. " (Nelson Mandela)

A go fund me account has been set up  for Candice Rochelle Bobb  https://www.gofundme.com/24mfe4c

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