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Looking forward to this great event tommorow 

When fashion meets a cause you get a #NightOfElegance this a Saturday #AtomsOfFashion this is #SocialAdvocacy keeping you informed #Getused2it #JanursingEndorsed 


-- @envoyphotography ATOMS OF FASHION

December 13 @ 7:00 AM - December 14 @ 2:00 AM


The Toronto Atoms of Fashion is a placeholder in the fashion industry, striking a mark that cannot be easily erased and creating a lasting fashion statement to hang in the gallery of your memory. We are motivated and highly inspired by fashion to tell the stories of the revolution of what was, is and will epitomize fashion.

An underlining beauty of Atoms of Fashion is creating a strong network of great minds who inspire, lead and are entrepreneurs. They are wonderful human beings who seeks to make a difference with their talents and gifting’s with a genuine smile, spreading from cheek to cheek. The Hi-Fashion Calendar is a project born from our vision for Atoms of Fashion. On it we have worked with local make-up artist, models, fashion designers, brilliant stylist, creative directors and a photographer. Together with us, we have worked endlessly around the clock to perfect each image to exhibit a calendar that we all would be proud to display in our homes.

In light of greater collaboration with a purpose to make a difference, Atoms of Fashion in collaboration with Saya Foundation is very excited about giving back. Thus, we have created a Scholarship Fund for the young youths who have sickle cell anemia disease, but nevertheless strive above and beyond the limitation of their illness to pursue a post-secondary education. The scholarship fund will be awarded to 4 Sickle Cell Anemia Students heading to a University, College or recognized post-secondary institution in Ontario Canada. #Fashion #Art #Designs #Designer #Models #Heels #Dresses #Style #Elegance #grace #entrepreneurs #vendors


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