#Healthcare Membership

 What is your gym membership worth to you and what does it mean? My intention is not to diminish the importance of establishing routine  physical activity but it is to ask you this question,  What if you had the ability to have access to a Health  and Social Advocate  247? The  Answer is Yes You CAN.  With This new platform called Healthcare Shield.  Get your membership Now.  

 You will get the right information, you will have the answers and you will be given the right choices for  overall better outcomes. We service all communities and individuals.  

Services Provided
Case Management
Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, and evaluation.  As patient advocates we do not offer medical advice or services.  We help facilitate the healthcare process which contributes to better communication, understanding, and trust between healthcare providers and their patients.  A sampling of our services include:
  • Review medical records with the client and healthcare provider to ensure the patient understands tests results, diagnoses, and treatments.
  • Provide non-medical hospital bedside support.
  • Coordinate doctors appointments and transportation.
  • Educate patient and family about the purpose of healthcare proxies and provide advance directive assistance.

Healthcare Liaison 
We serve as the point of contact for our patients to discuss medical diagnosis, treatment, and progress with healthcare professionals.  We also communicate with appropriate family members to facilitate shared decision-making and provide transparency.

Home Healthcare
After an illness, follow up care is often needed.   We research and recommend short and long term living arrangements.  We also assist with setting up rehabilitation services, home healthcare, and hospice care. Emergency Child Care services.

We use all resources to help you navigate the system finding you all the right resources. This is not just another membership it is a new way of taking control.  Our team's Mission Statement is Knowledge is the power needed for better health and Social care. Let's work together!  

Send me a message for more info contact Michelle Smith 
416-567-7556  or email janursingservices@gmail.com


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