This could be your Story

Your health requires close attention your only as good as you make your doctor. You have to be proactive in order for your doctor to work for you. 

You need to advocate for yourself or use services provided by J.A Smith Consulting and Nursing Services to assist you navigate through the health care system. As a nurse with over 12 years experience it has become heart felt to care for patients that did not have to be admitted to hospital if they were knowledgeable and determined to find answers. Our health system is built on symptom management therefore doctors cant do there job without a symptom. At J.A Smith Consulting and Nursing Services we believe in being proactive through knowledge and directing the care of ourselves and our love ones.We believe that that through informed information we can change the outcomes of new diagnosis, current health issues and impending health issues predisposed to you by culture, genetics, and hereditary. J.A Smith Consulting And Nursing Services is the voice of the people. email


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